FCC’s proposed ban

Dahua Addresses Questions on the FCC’s Proposed Ban

  • Is Dahua banned in the US?
  • No, Dahua is not banned in the United States of America.

    Dahua remains authorized to conduct business in the U.S., and we are doing so, providing world-class products and services to our customers and business partners. Dahua Technology employs over 100 people in the U.S. We are legally authorized to conduct business with any American individuals, businesses or organizations.

  • What is Dahua’s response to the Federal Communication Commission’s proposed rules to prohibit future equipment authorization?
  • An FCC proposal is under consideration that would prohibit companies, including Dahua, that are on the US Government’s Covered Entity List from receiving FCC authorizations for future products. At this time, nothing has changed in terms of the authorization of Dahua’s products.

    As we have stated publicly many times, we respect the right of governments to regulate domestic markets, and we comply as a matter of course with all applicable laws and regulations everywhere we do business.

    However, we urge the FCC, and all of our company’s U.S. stakeholders, to recognize that our products and technology pose no threat to the U.S. network or to national security. We are not government owned or directed. Rather, we are a private-sector business, traded on the public markets that adheres to standards for ethical practices in our industry. Dahua submitted comments on the record to further articulate these points.

  • What exactly has the FCC decided to do?
  • The FCC has voted to consider proposed rules relating to equipment authorizations for certain devices from certain companies that are on the U.S. Government’s “Covered Entities” list. The FCC has not enacted any new rules at this time – this is simply the start of a process to consider comments from the public about whether or not to implement a new rule.

  • Does this vote mean that Dahua no longer has FCC approvals?
  • Dahua’s products all remain authorized at this time. All that has happened is that the FCC has decided to start a process to consider a rule that would deal with authorizations of products from companies on the Covered List. At this time, nothing at all has changed in terms of our authorizations.

  • What will be the final outcome if Dahua cannot get FCC approvals for new products?
  • We understand the concerns our partners have about this question, but right now we prefer not to speculate about a hypothetical. Our focus is on making our case to the FCC and doing our part to make sure that any rule reflects the best interests of our customers, business partners and other US stakeholders, and most importantly an accurate and fair assessment of the facts.
    We have submitted comments on the record to articulate our position against this proposed rule as it currently stands. We are confident that at the end of this process, we will be in a position to continue to operate in the U.S. and to serve our customers as we always have.