Illegal Use of Dahua Solution


At Dahua Technology, we pride ourselves on the technology and solutions that we create. Our products, services and solutions enable people to feel safer and more secure in their environments. When used appropriately, our technologies help everyone from individuals to law enforcement agencies to detect and then respond to safety issues and security situations with more accuracy, speed and effectiveness than was ever before possible. In addition, our technology enables businesses and cities to use the visual data captured on our cameras as part of their “smart solutions”. Such solutions enable organizations to track waste streams, reduce traffic congestion, monitor wildlife and enhance sales at retain locations, among many other purposes.

Of course, any item in the wrong hands can be used the wrong way. Like all security tools or other items, abuse is possible if the person using it has ill intent. As much as security companies such as ours work to ensure the safety and safe use of our products, no security solution enterprise can fully control how its technologies will be used by the user. We certainly comply with all applicable local, national and international laws, regulations and conventions and we expect our users to do so as well. Of course, we take full responsibility for designing our technologies to mitigate all risks, as much as possible, and to maximize the appropriate use of all technologies. We are committed, among other things, to ensuring that solutions for identifying a single ethnic, racial or national group are never employed. This is our commitment and it extends to absolutely every market where we operate around the world.