Many China-based corporations were put on an Entity List by the United States government. Dahua Technology was placed on this list and was also named as one of the “Covered Entities” as part of the NDAA 2019. What does this mean? These lists don’t prohibit any United States individuals or companies from interacting with Dahua Technology. What our inclusion on these lists means, instead, is that Dahua is restricted from sourcing component parts and technology from the U.S. for inclusion in our products. In addition, it means that U.S. government organizations and those that are funded by the U.S. government are restricted from purchasing our products.

Obviously, these restrictions create inconveniences for our company; however, Dahua Technology has plans in place to ensure there aren’t supply chain disruptions and to ensure that our private sector businesses in the United States remain stable.

It’s imperative to understand that Dahua Technology completely denies the allegations that are implied by our inclusion on the Entity List or the NDAA 2019. While denying these allegations, we fully respect the U.S. government’s decisions and we are committed to complying with the limitations that these decisions impose on our company.

Despite any limitations this situation may cause, Dahua Technology is fully committed to growing our U.S. presence. We believe that we can respect U.S. law and American values, while ensuring that our products, services and solutions play a meaningful role in allowing the American private sector to have enhanced safety and security through our technology.

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